Photo credit Marica Melotti

Máté Jakó London based award winning illustrator from South-east Hungary and from a very young age he possessed -according to some - an unfortunate obsession of monsters, fairy tales, and super heroes.

He started a long lasting career in theaters and movies before he turned to illustration to create the stories he wanted to tell. Máté currently works as a freelance illustrator. His client list includes Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Fox Searchlight and Momentum Pictures creating fashion prints, book covers, album covers limited edition film posters, concept art for film & video games. Besides all this he is exceptionally talented in watching movies, daydreaming and has a vast trivial knowledge of monsters and super heroes!

Quite cartoony and the always present darkness mixed with peculiar beauty, and 21st century insecurity are the defining trades of his work. His message is clear: losing control is who we really are, orphaned children in a world of scary monsters (technology & apathy) aimlessly wondering around in a world we created, but never meant to connect with.

His illustration techniques combine traditional and digital tools or anything really to project the images in his head onto different mediums.

Artist statement :

  • My work is none other than an effort to transport the viewer - and myself during the process - into another world of fairy tales, lyrical esthetics and horror. To convey a childlike wonder, and terror when facing with the world of grown ups. To reconnect with my South-Eastern Hungarian heritage, filter that through my experiences and reflect it back upon the viewer. Even though some of my subjects are disturbing some dreamy romanticism is also at present, that prevents the viewer to look away. No matter how dark my subject is, with my use of composition and colors I invite the viewer to see the beauty of it. To discover it together. Creating images is not a conscious choice for me, but it is who I'm. This is my ship that sails through the ocean of life and I can only work hard enough to have others join me on this journey.